Starting a Tech-Focused Coffee Roaster

Common Sense Coffee’s Washington Roast, Tumbler, and “Beanie” Hat.
Common Sense Coffee’s Washington Roast, Tumbler, and “Beanie” Hat.

Coffee is one of those things that you find everywhere.

People around the world drink coffee daily, and it is ubiquitous across cultures. However, not many understand the process of how to make coffee, and that included us until last year.

When we first embarked on the journey to start a coffee company, we had no idea where to start. We knew we liked the taste and wondered how technology could help the coffee industry make the experience better for everyone.

We began researching everything we could on the topic, from roasting and product development to distribution and advertising. After a few weeks, we realized we could incorporate technology and new ideas into the business. We did so by deciding to launch strictly online through an accessible and user-friendly interface.

We saw this as an opportunity to make the industry better, and that was the birth of Common Sense Coffee. Our mission is to provide top-tier coffee to the visionaries of the world and share in their accomplishments. We want to engage with innovators, entrepreneurs, and leaders that see the world differently and choose to take action to change it.

This is our introduction to the Medium community, and if you’re interested in following our journey, please check out our website at



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