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The Power of Teaching

Today, we help tell Joey and Kerri-Lynn Mendoza’s story over a cup of coffee.

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Joey and Kerri-Lynn Mendoza from 25/8 Coffee sample their specialty coffees. 25/8 Coffee is a 100% teacher-owned.
Joey and Kerri-Lynn Mendoza from 25/8 Coffee sample their specialty coffees.

Joey has dedicated his life to his career in education and will always be involved in helping students achieve the impossible. He just finished his 6th year as a high school history teacher and baseball coach and is currently transitioning to an assistant principal role for the upcoming school year. Education has done so much for Joey that he considers it his duty to give back to the community with 25/8 Coffee. Joining him in his mission is Kerri-Lynn, a scientific researcher and educator. She is currently transitioning from her successful scientific research career to a more educator-focused career so that she can give back to students in the ways her teachers did for her! Their coffee company started in mid-February and the feedback has been incredible from other teachers. From their website, logos, bags, and coffee blend names they created this company with teachers as their top priority.

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We asked Joey and Kerri-Lynn some questions that reflect on their new project, provide advice, and of course, ask why they drink coffee. Here’s what they had to say:

1. What are you building to make the world a better place?

TwentyFive-Eight Coffee’s mission is to ease the workload that teachers face every day. We know that most teachers work the extra hour and day for students’ success. We offer free resources to recruit/help new teachers through their 1st year. We also provide free resources for teachers who are thinking about leaving the teaching profession. Also, 15%
of our monthly profits goes directly to supplies for teachers through
avenues such as Amazon Wishlist, Donors Choose, and ClearTheList
Foundation. We do these things while drinking our on-demand specialty coffee — while especially aiming it towards other teachers! After all, our motto is: “Drink coffee. Help teachers”.

2. What do you want the world to remember you for doing?

As teachers, we would like to be remembered as educators who inspired students and have created a platform for teachers to share ideas. As a
coffee company, we want to be known as the only specialty coffee designed for teachers by teachers. When teachers think of drinking coffee in the morning, we want them to know that they are helping themselves and other teachers when drinking 25/8 Coffee.

3. What inspires or motivates you to do what you do?

Our inspiration comes from being in the classroom every day and seeing that teachers are in need. With us helping teachers, we know that the students will ultimately benefit the most. So our passion for education and coffee keeps us motivated.

3. Tell us about your biggest failure and how you overcame it.

Being a first-time small company owner, you face challenges every day while also experiencing failure multiple times. We overcome it by focusing on our mission and knowing that we are helping teachers and students across the U.S. — and that keeps us going.

4. Why do you drink coffee? Is it the taste, experience, or caffeine?

We have been avid coffee drinkers since way before we ever started our company. As teachers, it was part of our daily routine and we’re sure there is a coffee pot in every teacher’s lounge across America.
Kerri Lynn was really the one that introduced us to specialty coffee, the science behind it, the notes of each bean — while making it an experience. Her background as a researcher and biologist allows her to experience coffee from a scientific perspective. We now enjoy the experience and plan to dive more into the world of coffee.

5. What is one tip that you can give our readers on how they can challenge the status quo and become successful?

Find a mentor. Surround yourself with individuals that are like-minded and ask questions relentlessly. Take action as soon as possible and you can figure it out along the way. Do not wait until everything is lined up perfectly to begin a new adventure, because you will never begin!

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More About 28/5 Coffee

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TwentyFive-Eight Coffee was launched because of two reasons — to help teachers with supplies and to enjoy creating tasty coffee! They have combined both to bring awareness to issues in the educational world while staying energetic with specialty coffee throughout the day. TwentyFive-Eight Coffee is a 100% teacher-owned coffee company.

Find 25/8 Coffee online at Website, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

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