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Veteran Entrepreneurs Why They Drink Coffee

Here’s what they're building and why they drink coffee!

Most Favorite Coffee Roasts of Veteran Entrepreneurs

Most Favorite Coffee Brewing Methods of Veteran Entrepreneurs

1. Kent Clark

Kent A. D. Clark is the founder of CAG Federal. CAG Federal provides IT and Safety Products to make your Company run efficiently every day.

2. Tammy Joy Lane Guffey

Tammy joy is the founder of provides suicide prevention through appreciation integration systems to increase the quality service and quality of life of those they serve.

3. Lex Brown

Lex R. Brown II is the Founder, Chief Optimization Officer, and Authorpreneur of FORTIPHI, LLC. FORTIPHI, LLC is delivering compelling content, useful tools, and functional merchandise to organize, motivate, inspire, and empower you on your daily journey towards success.

4. Mike Liguori

Mike Liguori is the founder of Live Your Truth Media. Live Your Truth Media creates immersive storytelling for brands and entrepreneurs to connect deeper with their audiences.

5. Michael Zanetti

Michael Zanetti is the co-founder of TradesFactor. TradesFactor is a leading talent management solution designed to enable employers to find, qualify, and manage their skilled trades workforce.

6. Barrett Y. Bogue

Barrett is the president & founder of Evocati. They help businesses market their product or service to the military-connected community to grow their impact.

7. Starr Corbin

Starr Corbin is the founder of Corbin Solutions. Corbin provides best in class technology program and project management services to federal, state, and commercial enterprises.

8. Kris Mancha

Kris Mancha started Sentralloy Industrial Products, an independent sales agency that connects OEM’s to manufacturers.
Kris Mancha started Sentralloy Industrial Products, an independent sales agency that connects OEM’s to manufacturers of engineered components.

9. Knight Campbell

Knight founded Cairn Leadership Strategies where they develop leaders through gritty experiential learning on shared outdoor adventures.

10. Mycal Anders, MS, CSCS

Mycal is the founder of Next Level Performance & Fitness Consulting. At Next Level, we empower our community’s leaders to maximize their individual & collective impact through physical fitness and personal growth & development.

11. Paul Mackiewicz

Paul Mackiewicz is the founder of #Smart Digital Marketing. #Smart is a premier technology-based marketing company with simple, clear, and smart digital solutions.

12. April Caldwell

April Caldwell is the founder and CEO of fayVen. fayVen is an online platform that books mobile businesses and artisans at local venues for curated pop-up shops.

13. Keith Sherrill

Keith Sherrill is the founder of Haint Blue, a certified B Corp based in Mobile, Alabama & Denver, Colorado. Keith describes Haint Blue as a beer company with a porchin’ problem.

14. Jarvis Freeman

Jarvis Freeman is a cybersecurity expert and the founder of The Cyber Guru. A cybersecurity firm looking to change the face of Cyber through training and consulting.

15. Monica Iannacone

Monica Iannacone is CEO & founder of Weekend Navigators. “We plan Instagrammable vacations, specializing in all-inclusive resorts in the Caribbean. We plan memorable destination weddings, honeymoons, and group travel.”

16. Joey Mac Dizon

Joey Mac Dizon is the co-founder and CEO of The Mobile Cigar Lounge. The Mobile Cigar Lounge provides the ultimate cigar experience at weddings and private events in the New Jersey, NYC, and Philly areas.

17. David Akers

David Akers is the founder and Executive Director of Aviation Kids USA, a 501c3 nonprofit that promotes aviation and engineering careers to underserved kids through hands-on, aviation-focused STEM education.



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