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The perfect step-by-step guide to making a great Chemex brew.

A barista pour hot water into a Chemex coffee brewer to make fresh, great-tasting coffee.
As you can see, a Chemex is kind of a big deal.

It’s not every day that you see a success story like this one. Upon looking at it for the first time, you’d think that the Chemex is a rather new invention; it looks slick, fashionable, like something a 20-year-old coffee savant designed in their post-modern treehouse.

Well, that couldn’t be further from the truth. It was actually invented by the chemist (which is probably why it looks straight out of a chemistry set) and inventor, Peter Schumblom back in 1941. …

Common Sense CoffeeTechnology

Bottomless and Common Sense Coffee are rethinking coffee subscriptions to make sure coffee arrives when it’s needed most.

A bag of Jefferson Dark Roast on top of a Bottomless wifi scale.

We’ve all been there where we have a subscription to something, and it just never seems to arrive at the right time. Sometimes you get it too early (which isn’t horrible), while other times, you are scratching your head wondering why your stuff isn’t at your house yet. 🤬 <- We’ve been there too.

We’ve grown accustomed to getting things quickly and right when we need them. Luckily technology and innovation helped make this possible with better shipping networks and supply chains. It’s now possible to order something online and have it at your door a few hours later. Isn’t…

Common Sense Coffee Asked

Here’s what they're building and why they drink coffee!

Coffee is the fuel that high-achievers run on. It’s not a different story when you’re talking about entrepreneurship. We decided to sit down with some entrepreneurs to see what they were up to and to get more insight into why they drink the golden liquid we call coffee. But before we begin, take a look at the following figures:

Most Favorite Coffee Roasts of Veteran Entrepreneurs

Unsurprisingly, medium roasted coffee is among the most favorite for Veteran entrepreneurs. Medium roasted coffee seems to be a popular trend we see among coffee lovers everywhere.

Most Favorite Coffee Brewing Methods of Veteran Entrepreneurs

Common Sense Coffee’s Visionaries of the World Series

Today, we help tell Todd Baldwin’s story over a cup of coffee.

Todd was recently featured in CNBC’s Millennial Money Series.

Todd Baldwin grew up in Sequim, WA, a small town two hours west of Seattle. He, his younger brother, and his older sister were all raised by a single mother. Todd witnessed his mother struggle to pay the bills and put food on the table, so he told himself that he would be a millionaire one day.
Baldwin got his first job at 12 years old shoveling manure for $3/hour. At 15 he started a lawn care business where he was able to make double the minimum wage, and at 17 he started a candy business at his high school. He…


The perfect step-by-step to making Moka pot coffee.

A black Moka pot coffee maker around coffee beans in a jar.
The double chamber Moka Pot hanging out with coffee beans ready to brew.

1933. After a few failed attempts to recreate a steam-driven, home espresso machine, the Moka pot is born. Alfonso Bialetti, its creator, names its Moka pot after the famous Yemeni port whence coffee first made its way to Italy.

Italy was the capital of coffee back in the 19th and early 20th century. Everybody yearned for a way to make espresso at home. And that’s how Bialetti came up with the Moka pot. And guess what? There’s still making Bialetti Moka pots today!

A Common Sense Guide to

The perfect step-by-step to making cold brew coffee.

A fresh glass of cold brew coffee.

The story of cold brew is an unlikely one. Shipped to Japan’s aristocracy in the 17th during the first boom of coffee, the Japanese didn’t quite know what to do with coffee beans. They ended up storing them in large ceramic jars, soaked in water. The result? The world’s first cold brew. They would continue to drink coffee like this for quite a while until they adopted the Western way of brewing coffee — and it would also be a couple of centuries before we discovered the wonders of cold brew.

Of course, nowadays, we make infinitely better cold brew…

Common Sense Coffee’s Visionaries of the World Series

Today, we help tell Joey and Kerri-Lynn Mendoza’s story over a cup of coffee.

Joey and Kerri-Lynn Mendoza from 25/8 Coffee sample their specialty coffees. 25/8 Coffee is a 100% teacher-owned.
Joey and Kerri-Lynn Mendoza from 25/8 Coffee sample their specialty coffees.

Joey has dedicated his life to his career in education and will always be involved in helping students achieve the impossible. He just finished his 6th year as a high school history teacher and baseball coach and is currently transitioning to an assistant principal role for the upcoming school year. Education has done so much for Joey that he considers it his duty to give back to the community with 25/8 Coffee. Joining him in his mission is Kerri-Lynn, a scientific researcher and educator. She is currently transitioning from her successful scientific research career to a more educator-focused career so…

A Common Sense Guide to

The perfect step-by-step to brewing coffee with a French press.

A view of a French press coffee maker with freshly brewed coffee surrounded by hot smoke and other coffee equipment.
A French press coffee maker with freshly brewed coffee.

The French press is one of the most classic brewing methods, and it caught on around the same time that the espresso machines were becoming popular. Before the French press, making coffee at home was something a little messier; one would have to use cloth filters and the like to pour the coffee into a decanter.

This, combined with several different items, made the process of making filtered coffee at home messy and a little ineffective. Hence, the French press was invented. It serves as three different elements: Decanter, filter, and receptacle for used coffee grounds. …

7 Things I Learned

Starting a company is tough, I mean really really tough. But when you start, you learn lessons that you can share to help others.

Some of the Common Sense Coffee Team at a Rigs & Coffee event in early January 2020.
Our team posed for a picture at our first event called Rigs & Coffee. I’m the second one from the right.

I write this story as Garrett, the founder, and president of Common Sense Coffee. Here’s a little bit about me. I’m 25 years old, prior-service Marine that has three goals in life. I want to understand the world, leave the world better off once I’m gone, and be an advocate for the underdog. Here’s a bit about my company. Common Sense Coffee is a tech-focused, start-up coffee roaster that provides top-tier coffee to the visionaries of the world and shares in their accomplishments.

The central premise for Common Sense Coffee is to become the coffee provider of choice for folks…

Common Sense Coffee’s Visionaries of the World Series

Today, we help tell Terry Boyle McDougall’s story over a cup of coffee. If you enjoy reading her story and want to support, please use her personal referral code on our website. You’ll receive a 10% discount and Terry gets a 10% commission!

Terry smiling and signing her book Winning the Game of Work.
Terry smiling and signing her book Winning the Game of Work.

Terry Boyle McDougall, PCC, MBA, is CEO of Terry B. McDougall Coaching, a Chicago-based consulting firm specializing in executive coaching, leadership development, talent optimization, and team building. She is the author of Winning the Game of Work: Career Happiness and Success on Your Own Terms. Before founding her firm, Terry was a long-time financial services marketing executive. She is a popular keynote speaker, blogger, and podcast guest. She lives in suburban Chicago with her husband, children, and a puggle.

Common Sense Coffee

We provide top-tier coffee to the visionaries of the world and share in their accomplishments. ☕️ 👑 Send us your story at www.commonsense.coffee!

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